Today's feature hits as close to home as it gets!

Tiffany Davis has been my longest running roomie, and I couldn't think of a better interviewee for NP. 

Besides being my sister, she has also been a mentor to myself and other creatives, looking to build their brand (she does this full-time for ANN INC. nowadays). With the successful launch of the DailyCandy brand in Atlanta, and client roster that includes CNN, Physique 57, Tribeca Film Festival and Glamour, nepotism has nothing to do with this. 

And, cool gigs aside, I happen to know that some of her fondest memories are sharing experiences with the people that she loves. So, read on to find out what has made this boss babes day, and get a taste of how she manages to put a smile on the face of everyone she meets. 

Q1: Best gift you ever received? Who gave it to you? 

Time, headspace, and adventure! I'm in the middle of a month-long honeymoon / one year wedding anniversary through Thailand and Cambodia. I've never travelled this far, spent this much uninterrupted time with a single person (or inside my own head!), or been so tempted to photograph every waking moment of the day (which I totally am, check out my Instagram!) while also plotting, navigating, budgeting, and negotiating my way through a month of non-paid, "off the grid" time away from my content consulting business.
My husband and I started saving for it just before our wedding one year ago. From taking on subletters to doing date night on fancy ramen instead of out in our cute (but increasingly pricey) Brooklyn neighborhood, the freedom to wake up, roll over, and ask each other "What do you want today to look like, babe?" after planning andsaving and sacrificing for it as a team is such a blessing.

Q2: Best gift you ever gave? Who did you give it to? 

Our mom, a kick-ass veteran nurse, decided to go back to school online this year while continuing to work full-time. She's always encouraged NP and I to give goals all we've got, but as a woman who always put her own wants last, I was levitating when she actually pulled the trigger.
School is so much more demanding now than it was when I was there! In lieu of a scholarship, I came on board as her "tech support" to get her off the ground, digitally -- spending up to 10 hours a week (sometimes more, ha) cross-checking formatting, being an extra set of editing eyes, and generally being a virtual cheerleader while she tackled the actual paper-writing and studying parts.


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