When I came across Cold Picnic, I knew that the brand was a perfect fit for Nice Package, and potentially my humble Bedstuy abode - the anatomically correct rugs, Instagram that is my ideal balance of stunningly artistic + hilariously cheeky, and fact that at any given point there are at least ten items on their site that I'm fairly certain I need. It's no wonder that their stockist list is made up of some of the coolest kids on the retail scene -- Steven Alan, The Primary Essentials, Reformation, and Tenoversix, to name a few -- and ELLE Sweden and Racked New York paid their Brooklyn studio a visit to get the scoop on the design duo. 

I'm thrilled to usher in the season of all things cozy, with the leading lady of a company that clearly shares my appreciation of knits. As we approach the holidays, here's what co-founder, Phoebe Sung, has to say about her personal and professional pick-me-ups. 

Q1: Best gift you received? Who gave it to you? 

Best gift ever would be my dog Phillip, followed very closely by an engagement ring, and both from my boyfriend for my 31st birthday. In the case of the dog, my boyfriend didn't give him to me so much as finally relent after years of pleading, but I'm grateful all the same! 

Q2: Best gift you gave? Who did you give it to? 

I got my mom a cat named Esteban for Christmas about 14 years ago and she loved it more than anything. I was always proudest of that pressie. 

Q3: Most meaningful project thus far? 

I still consider Cold Picnic (the home and accessories line I share with my partner Peter Buer) to be the most meaningful project I've ever worked on. We've had the brand for 4 years and I'm always excited by how it grows and changes each year.

Q4: Self talk mottos for staying motivated? 

My partner Peter keeps me pretty motivated. He likes to get things done, which means I can't in good conscience sit around while he's doing all the work. Another trick is to watch television series while working, especially crime shows. You want to find out what happens, you have to work another 45 minutes (indefinitely). 
I guess neither of these are good mottos, but they both help me!

Q5: Pre-party rituals? 

A glass of wine and at least one outfit change.  
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