Hey, fall.

Along with the color of the leaves comes another favorite change of mine - the closet transition, in anticipation of cooler temperatures (see ya next summer, humidity). Despite my love of beaching and birthdays during the summer, fall always takes first place in my book when it comes to style.  

Kicking off the November installation of #THATSWHATSHESAID, is Nicole Heim of the chic, and conscious, Cienne NY.  The line, sold exclusively on their site, is one that is all about quality over quantity (something that I can get behind). Pieces are made from globally sourced materials, and manufactured here in NYC, so you may only get a small run of their covetable clothing, but the appreciation for local artisans, unique fabrics, and emphasis on sustainability, makes it totally worth it. 

And, since they know who their leading lady is, it's no wonder that they are taking off with the cool crowd. Between a cheeky sense of humor, boss quotes in their Words By Women Series, and shared love of the minimalist movement, this felt like a match made for NP. 

Read on for what inspires this fashionable founder.

We are a womenswear brand inspired by messy hair and thirsty hearts – by big ideas on small screens.
— Cienne NY

Q1: Best gift you gave? Who did you give it to?

My grandmother knitted this beautiful, intricate blanket about a gazillion years ago, and as a kid it was my favorite thing around the house.  A few years back, my Mom gifted me with an exact replica of the original blanket.  She spent eight months and countless hours in knitting classes learning how to recreate the original pattern.  It was the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received.
Q2: Most meaningful project thus far? 
Cienne!  For most of my life, I’ve flopped back and forth between being business minded and creatively driven (insert identity crisis here!).  Finally, I’m getting to do both simultaneously, with a business that communicates through creativity.  Cienne as a brand is still finding her feet, but I’m so proud of who she is and where she’s headed.  

Q3: Self talk mottos for staying motivated? 

“Be in love with your life.” -Jack Kerouac
“Everything I’ve learned is not from art school or photography school.  No, I learned from people.” -Peter Beard

Q4: Pre-party rituals? 

A stupidly delicious cocktail or French wine.

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