It's hard to believe that I met Robin nearly eight years ago - while we've rarely been in the same city, she was kind enough to chat with me before my internship in VOGUE's Accessories Department (she'd held the same post right before!). 

And, now she's back from living across the pond, penning the beautifully curated, Second Floor Flat, with writing gigs for Refinery29, Bustle and Teen Vogue under her belt. Her minimal chicness, and knack for finding under-the-radar gems, had me especially curious for how this lady gifts. 

Q1: Best gift that you received? Who gave it to you? 

The best gift I ever received was a surprise visit from my boyfriend, who's now my husband. At the time, he was living in London and I was in New York. Because we were in a long distance relationship we didn't see each other too often, and for my birthday the first year we started dating he surprised me by showing up for a visit! He'd coordinated with my friends for the surprise, so he showed up at the door and we had a big party followed by a lovely visit. Not bad, right? Needless to say, we're now married!

Q2: Best gift you gave? Who did you give it to? 

The most creative gift I ever gave was a stack of my books with all of my favorite lines and quotes underlined, as well as added notes. I gave it to my sister one year for Christmas, and the idea was that as she read the books it would almost be like a conversation between us about the narrative.

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