To say that this lady and I go way back is an understatement, so I'm especially excited to have Lee Litumbe as this week's #THATSWHATSHESAID.

It's been a journey in more ways than one -- Spirited Pursuit is proof of that -- from living in NYC during our college days, talking about plans for the future, and beginning to realize them. I couldn't wait to hear which memories stand out to someone who serves as inspiration to the best of 'em (hey, ELLE Canada!). 

A few shots from her 'gram below (not an easy selection process...). 

Q1: Best gift you've received? Who gave it to you? 

It wasn’t technically a gift, but a few years back my Mom gifted me with the best surprise I could have gotten for my birthday – her presence! She lives in Douala, Cameroon so it was incredible (and completely unexpected) to see her casually walk out into my sister’s living room in San Diego.

Q2: Best gift you've given? Who did you give it to? 

For my Dad’s 60th birthday, my sisters and I decided to gift him with a surprise cruise to Bermuda. I guess it’s safe to say I love surprises, haha. We planned the trip for about 6 months and successfully managed to convince him we were headed to Boston (our port city) for a family vacation. Seeing the look of joy on his face when he realized we were going on a cruise instead (maybe it was a sigh of relief? It was in November after all) was something I’ll never forget. I’m a strong believer in giving your loved ones flowers while they can smell them, so it was a great way to celebrate such a landmark in his life.

Q3: Best event you've attended? Details that you won't forget? 

My sister's destination wedding in Costa Rica, which was a pretty unforgettable experience for a lot of reasons. There was an abundance of food, an open bar, insanely gorgeous decor, and pretty amazing music. During the middle of the reception, carnival performers came and got everyone even more excited with their costumes, drums, and dancing. It was definitely an event to remember. 

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