As the Shopping Editor at ELLE NL, Nicole Huisman is the vision behind some of the chic, boundary-pushing looks that the fashion fixture is known for.

I'm proud to be a magazine junkie, but what I found most intriguing about this styling guru is that while she makes a living -- for good reason -- conceptualizing visuals for a world-renowned glossy, she has a clear appreciation for the people in her life. When it comes to her fondest memories of gifts and gatherings, there isn't a pricey item in the bunch, and her perfect night sounds a lot like mine: good people = good time. 

Hear more from this talented lady, and click through the snaps that show a prime example of one of my favorite mottos: "do what you love, love what you do." Although, her answer to Q4 may be my substitute saying ... 

Q1: Best gift you received? Who gave it to you?

One of my besties Liza once gave my a personally created & curated cookbook, including all the recipes she ever cooked for me (because she knows I think she is the best chef out there), AND the best recipes & tips of all of my best friends! Besides the awesome content, she sewed the book by hand. Amen.

Q2: Best gift you gave? Who did you give it to?

I used to be a real scrapbook-super-star and created one for every occasion (friends' birthdays/Christmas/anniversaries/Sinterklaas, etc.). I saved pictures, small notes, receipts from favorite restaurants/bars and much much more, and created personal mini-magazines with them. Big hits among my friends.

Q3: Most meaningful project thus far?

When I was a teenage girl, my love for fashion & magazines started with ELLE Girl - I thought the shoots & imagery were just magical and I started dreaming of a future in this beautiful, creative world myself.
I got older and unfortunately the magazine stopped existing. Now, ten years later, we created an ELLE Girl summer special with our current ELLE team and I had the honour to style the twenty-page-counting-fashion-editorial, curating the shopping-pages AND cover - my first one ever! It felt like a dream come true.

Q4: Self-talk motto for staying motivated? 

'Only dead fish go with the flow' 

Q5: Pre-party rituals?

Great friends, great food & great wine are the best ingredients to start legendary nights.

Q6: Go-to items for a summer soiree?

No party without MAC's Russian Red lipstick - instant night-out-ready!
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