NYC has finally taken a turn for winter, but that doesn't mean that it's not still in full bloom, thanks to ladies like Rawan Rihani, of Aurora Botanica.

Her stunning styling, and perfect palette for any season, mean that you can pep up your step (or at least petals) in even the chilliest of weather. And, for the faint of heart when it comes to the flower power movement, you can sign up for one of her workshops to try your hand at making a little magic (currently coveting a lesson in indigo shibori dyeing).

Flowers transcend the rules for gifting, and are always in style, so it's no wonder that this ladypreneur is in demand for December shoots for Bazaar, and making brides blush a little harder (it doesn't get much better than working with a Stone Fox Bride).

I couldn't resist stopping to smell the roses on this one. 

Q1: Best gift you received? Who gave it to you?

One of the best gifts I've ever received was a bottle of wildflowers picked from 20 states from my now fiancé, during one of his tours. He is a musician, and tour goes hand in hand with that, but I was so happy when he presented me with a beautiful clear bottle of hand picked colorful wildflowers, and it was just so sweet.  

Q2: Best gift you gave? Who did you give it to? 

Every year I get a musical instrument for Zac (my fiancé) and it all started off with on of those wooden frogs! So far I got him that wooden frog, a music box that you can make your own tunes, maracas, an acoustic guitar, a banjo, a sitar, and now I have a feeling that the coming years, I will have to start making my own instruments for him!  

I gifted him a painting I made of him playing the banjo I got him, and so that is a gift squared, so that is probably the best so far.

Q3: Most meaningful project thus far?  

Most meaningful project...hmmmm.... I'm not sure, I treat every project I get with a lot of my heart and soul. Whether its flower deliveries for someone's birthday, to cheer someone up, or an installation for a wedding, so far it's all my heart and soul.  I hope in the next year that a project sticks out above the rest! 

Q4: Self talk motto(s) for staying motivated? 

Don't compare yourself to others.  

If stuck in a creative rut, I'll go for a walk, and go to the botanical gardens, maybe do some yoga, put some space there, and then come back to the table again. Most of the time I will come back with renewed inspiration, and it shows in the work.  

Q5: Pre-party rituals?

Making flower crowns and playing with perfume and essential oils to find the perfect scent!

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