We've crossed into a new year, and that means one thing for many people: resolutions. 

I'm all for the occasional peruse of my horoscope, and I certainly love a list, but 2016 is more about continuing the good vibes that are already all around me. I couldn't think of a better interviewee than Marjorie Lacombe, of The Kipi Blog, to kick things off. Her images are like a breath of fresh air, even on a gray winter day, and a literal picture of positivity. From DIY, to travel expertise, she was kind enough to take time out of a work schedule that's caught the eye of ELLE Decor, BuzzFeed, Apartment Therapy, and House Beautiful to chat with me. 

Q1: Best gift you received? Who gave it to you? 

The best gift I received was from my boyfriend at the time (now husband), after our first summer apart from each other. He was volunteering in Ghana and I was volunteering in Bolivia so we often had a hard time keeping in touch over Skype with bad wifi connections or difficult time differences. Unbeknownst to me, every day he typed out a letter explaining all the things he did that day, his thoughts, and cheesy cute romance talk and filed them away. On our first-year anniversary that November, he complied all those letters (almost 80 of them!) into a book and gave it to me. Let's just say there was a river of tears that day.  

Q2: Most meaningful project thus far? 

Starting The Kipi Blog's Instagram has been the most meaningful project for me because it has really pushed me to focus on my photography and art in capturing colors. The design of the platform itself allows me to constantly revisit my past work to see what and how I was capturing the world. When I see how much I've learned and changed over just the past 6 months, I get so motivated to keep pushing forward because I know my art will evolve and refine for the better. In other words, I've learned to trust the process of growing as an artist. Additionally, I have been able to make many meaningful relationships with other creatives on the platform who would otherwise be strangers to me because they live halfway across the world or in a small town I didn't know existed. This aspect is so cool and really exemplifies how art is one of the strongest mediums for connection around the world.

Q3: Self talk motto for motivation? 

My "serious" motto: Failure is never a bad thing. It means you were willing to try something that you, or anybody else, has never tried before. If you believed in yourself then, why stop believing in yourself now? 

And my "not-so-serious" motto:  Ain't nobody got time to be bored...move on and keep things exciting!

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