Like clockwork, as soon as it gets a little chilly outside I realize how much cozier I'd like for my place to be ... likely in anticipation of what I know is my hibernation season. In my usual troll for inspiration, I came across the Aestate by Jessica Rowe. 

Her bold pieces are perfect for warming up any wall, and NYC real estate-friendly, with a variety of sizes to choose from. Subjects range from Lara Stone's lips, to popular palm prints, and just about every trend in between -- yes, there's a donut. 

Jessica's work has landed in Jonathan Adler, and the pages of Vogue for good reason. And, something tells me that there will be an upcoming feature at a Brooklyn abode near me...

Q1: Favorite gift you received? Who gave it to you? 

One of my friends is an artist, and out of the blue one day she presented me with the most gorgeous abstract oil painting. I feel like every work of art is a piece of that artist, so to be given that means everything, and the fact that it wasn't for any occasion, but just because she felt it in her heart to give it makes it all the more meaningful to me. 

Q2: Best party you attended? 

The wedding of one of my best friends. I'd been living in Europe and hadn't seen most of my friends from Arizona for at least a year, but was able to fly back for the wedding. The whole event was low-key elegance. The ceremony and reception were held outside in a garden with these massive old trees and there were these beautiful cascading lights hanging everywhere. It looked like something out of a Midsummer Night's Dream. And just being there, dancing and drinking with friends I hadn't seen in forever, everybody all in one place again, was something I'll never forget.

Q3: Most memorable project thus far? 

I would say my most meaningful project thus far has been a series of original watercolor lips paintings I did for Jonathan Adler stores. He's a design icon so to have him take notice of my work has given me a lot of confidence and validation to keep doing what I'm doing.


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