As a girl hailing from a southern state, I can tell you that my threshold for chilly temps is lower than many - I've gotten better, but there's still room (somewhere between my 3" of layers) for improvement. And, after what seemed like an eternity, the weather is showing promise for transition - BEYOND EXCITING. 

Hayley's Sarno's prints bring to mind a similar vibe of the same easy chicness that makes me love scoping street style this time of year -- it's like the spring thaw also lets our brains think through an outfit that doesn't revolve completely around our thickest sweater.

This stylish illustrator is just as comfortable sketching interior elements, as she is ladies who lunch. And, with illustrators coming out of the woodworks, her talent has made such a splash that design legends like Veranda, Domino and Town & Country are regulars for press. 

For someone who knows a thing or two about details, I couldn't wait to hear how she gifts and gathers. 

Q1: Best gift you received? Who gave it to you?

A custom-made anaconda skin jacket from a very good friend.

Q2: Best gift you gave? Who gave it to you?

A Tiffany belt from the 70s that belonged to my late father, which I gave to my then boyfriend, now fiancé.

Q3: Most meaningful project thus far? 

That's hard! The most rewarding projects are when I have a concept that differs from the client and in the end they decide to go with my idea. 

Q4: Self talk motto(s) for staying motivated?

Scheduling small breaks and a nice lunch. Also, knowing when you are most productive is important.  I do my best work from 4pm - 7pm so I try and make sure I have as little distraction as possible during those times.

Q5: Pre-party rituals? 

A dirty martini and Blood Orange Cupid Deluxe

Q6: Go-to look for a summer soiree? 

A men's shirt with a mini skirt.
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