Girl gang. Posse. Crew. Tribe. 

However you choose to refer to them, there is likely a group that makes you feel stronger when you're together. Not to say you can't stand on your own, but who wants to do that when there are so many amazing people to get support from. 

Aside from the name, Tribe Alive, immediately struck a chord with me. The lovely wares that they offer are also doing good in the world. I'm all about juju, so why not make a difference even while you shop. Founder, Carly Burson, transferred her traditional fashion chops to an ethical brand that is connecting female artisans around the world. 

Couldn't think of better #FridayFeels. 

Tribe Alive’s mission is to build sustainable partnerships with marginalized groups in developing countries by connecting them to the global marketplace. We work to break the cycle of poverty by providing artisans with the tools, training and support needed to reclaim their futures and thrive as independent business men and women.

Q1: Best gift you received? Who gave it to you?

That's a tough question. I am not much of a gift person (my husband and I hardly exchange them), so it's hard to come up with something material that means a lot to me. We adopted our daughter a little over two years ago, and to say that she is a gift is an understatement. She is certainly the greatest gift I have ever been given and I have so much love and respect for her birth mother, orphanage nannies and the Ethiopian social workers who gave us the opportunity to be her parents. 

Q2: Best gift you gave? Who did you give it to?

5 years ago my husband and I made the decision to fund the education of a young boy living in Honduras. It's our hope that he will have an opportunity to make something of himself and one day possibly break the cycle of poverty for his family. There is nothing more powerful than an education and it's a gift that will last a lifetime. 

Q3: Most meaningful project thus far? 

We recently completed an 85,000 piece production in Honduras alongside our non-profit partners, Mi Esperanza. It was our largest production to date, and seeing the impact that this work has had on our artisan partners was life changing. Many of the women we employ have not had work in years and hearing what a sustainable income has done for their lives has humbled us to continue to work that much harder to grow our brand. We can't say yet who this production was for, but we're excited for it to be announced in the near future. 

Q4: Self-talk motto for staying motivated? 

You are enough. 

Q5: Pre-party rituals? 

Realizing I have no party rituals makes me feel so old! 
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