As work continues to ramp up with design week prep, I can't get enough inspiration (and feel very fortunate at the overlap of on and off the clock scouting).

I came across Haley Ann Robinson on one of my usual falls down the rabbit hole, and am SO glad that I did. Her 'gram is visual gold on its own, but realizing that she's behind the design and art direction of what I found myself most in love with was beyond impressive.

And, because I love a good story (reading and writing), I was immediately drawn to the fact that her path started on the corporate track and veered toward the creative. She's collaborated with West Elm, J. Crew, Madewell and Solestruck to name a few, so I'd say that detour was spot on. 

Q1: What was your first job? 

First job was in my hometown at an event location where they hosted wedding ceremonies and receptions. I served food and drinks to guests.

Q2: What would you consider your big break?

Quitting my corporate full-time job to pursue being a full-time artist. 

Q3: Most meaningful project thus far? 

That's a hard one. I try to make every project meaningful and special. 

Q4: Self talk motto for staying motivated? 

I try to remember that everyone is at different stages in their working life and that I shouldn't compare myself to other makers. It's important to continue to be inspired, but to give yourself credit for your every day hustle. Deep breaths and taking breaks are also important. 

Q5: One word to describe your work style? 


Q6: What would you be doing, if not this?

I like thinking about being a farmer and having land. I think maybe I'll merge the two careers eventually when I'm old and tired of being in the city.

Q7: What's next?

Well, my Fiancé and I just bought a home here in Portland and it hasn't been updated since the 50's (yes, there's carpet AND wallpaper). So we're working on getting that to a special place. I've turned the garage into my new studio and feeling so proud to finally have my own working space. Hopefully collaborating with some inspiring brands and continuing to make shapes!
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