My career path started out in fashion, and often lead be to baubles - accessories intern, scouting new lines as a buyer, styling for photos and merchandising, etc. And, while I like to think that I leave no stone unturned, every once in awhile a line surprises me. 

I Like it Here Club is not just another shiny thing to add to the collection, it has the kind of sentimental roots that you can feel in each piece. Jessie Yeager has been scouting precious stones since her younger days with her grandparents in New Mexico, not just attracted to their beauty, but learning the importance that storytelling has when working with natural wonders. Weaving these crafts together is likely how she came to such a poetic moniker for the brand - it was originally a the name her grandfather, Super Fred, used for the support group he spearheaded for other soldiers after his internment during WWII. The history in I Like it Here Club's conception carries through with collection names like Ancient Cities and Founding Fathers. And, in a flash forward, the pieces can be found siting with modern marvels in spaces like Kleur and Makers Making, along with a nice showing at Capsule. 

Always love an interview of style and substance. 

Q1: Best gift you received? Who gave it to you?

The most meaningful gift I ever received was my wedding dress! My dear friend Alisha Thomas of Ruby Assata (handmade leather bags and accessories) immediately asked if she could make my wedding dress when I told her I was engaged, she already knew, ha! What a dream come true! A custom, beautiful, handmade wedding dress made by your best friend - what could be better?!

Q2: Most meaningful project thus far?

There is something so incredible about making engagement rings and wedding bands! These are pieces that people will wear for life and have such a connection to! I feel so honored that friends have asked me to be a part of that connection and that they trust me to make something that represents them and their love! I am thinking of extending this to a very small capsule engagement and wedding ring collection!

Q3: Self talk motto(s) for staying encouraged?

As President/Member of the I Like It Here Club, I am always reminding myself how much I love wherever I am in my life in that moment and to find the positive. That is what the I Like It Here Club is about, daily reminders to stay positive and to keep your head up!

Q4: Pre-party rituals?

Usually I will listen to some music to get in the mood, anywhere from Francoise Hardy to Bad Brains - depending on the party of course!

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