If you have the spring feels, then there are a few things on your list. Aside from slipping out of the potato sack that kept you warm during Jonas, you may wake up to the sun shining its light on your neglected maintenance routine - you can't hide under the beanie (unless you're in NYC and it's still 50 in May...). Admit it, you need some TLC - since fingerless gloves don't actually do the trick, chances are you've overlooked the overgrown for the past few months. 

Luckily, there are lovelies like Jessica Washick to bring an artful approach to you polishing up a bit. She's currently onboard to sail the ship at Vancourt Studio as Creative Director and Lead Nail Technician, and the salon has already landed on the radars of tastemakers like the ladies of Vogue, Pure Wow, Well + Good, and Racked. And, if you're feeling too indulgent when you get that mani, console your soul with the fact that Vancourt is also doing good beyond their hood - the entire operation is based on your health, with natural and organic products, and they have a socially conscious partnership with West Brooklyn Community High School. 

In addition to her post at Vancourt, Jessica continues to call the shots at "U Don't Need a Man, U Need a Manicure", which aside from having an amazing tagline, is a true sartorial treat. Washick's talent for reinterpreting trends in color and pop culture on a scale for your didits is the definition of nailing it. 

Treat youself, and read on to know more about the lady that I should probably book an appointment with very soon. 

Q1: What was your first job?

I was assisting Deborah Lippmann for a Harper's Bazaar shoot shot by Karl Lagerfeld. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!

Q2: What would you consider your big break?

I honestly think every job I get is fantastic, I cant name just one

Q3: Most meaningful project thus far?

Continuing my U dont need a man. U need a manicure blog is really meaningful to me. It's a diary of mine through nails.

Q4: Self talk motto(s) for staying motivated?

U Dont Need a Man. U need a Manicure! :)

Q5: If you had to define your work style in one word, what would it be?

Whimsical or Imaginative

Q6: If you weren't doing this, what do you think your backup career choice would be?

Actually doing nails was never the plan. I graduated from Parsons majoring in fashion and have designed accessories at Coach and Marc Jacobs. I started doing nails when I was going through a break up and then I ended up leaving my full time to pursue nails. Now I'm a Color Designer at Nike and continue to work on my blog and small projects. I think having two careers is much more fun :)

Q7: What's next? (Whatever that means for you)

Holding on to my happy
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